Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's the _____ of the year!

It's always fun to make best of (or worst of) lists that summarize the highs and lows of a particular category for a particular period of time.  The point of this post is to focus on that.  So let's hear'em.  Your highs and lows.  Your biggest surprises and disappointments.  Best / worst shows.  And so on.  As I put together this list I was surprised when I realized I only have listened through 17 albums that were released this year so I you are shocked by an omission of mine, beat it.  I have plenty of time to keep listening and opinions can always be changed.

Baroness - Yellow & Green
The Lumineers (Self Titled)
Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid Maad City
If you have read any more of this blog other than this post you understand why these albums made it here.  I have to give the overall nod to Baroness.  I honestly can not think of another new rock album purchase that dominated my ipod for over a month like Yellow & Green.  As Frank mentioned in his post they take their technical skill which was displayed over past albums and show how their song writing skill has matured.  This is my best album of 2012. 

GOOD Muisc - Good Music Cruel Summer
Its sloppy, lazy and for a producer poorly done. This album is the poster child of everything that the people who don't like hip hop criticize it for.  Instead of walking the line between art and entertainment this album leaped over it while spitting back across on the other side.  Way to go Kanye and Co.....

Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor II - The Great American Rap Album
Avett Brothers - The Carpenter
These albums are not bad.  They are just not what I had hoped for them to be.  The Avett Brothers tried to be this generations Bob Dylan.  Why not just be the Avett Brothers?  Lupe, I think I just had high hopes.  The purpose is there and his conscious rap style does show.  It just doesn't all come together. 

Champagne Champagne - Private Party
Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid Maad City
Literally never had heard of either until this year and I stumbled into both.  And their varied paths are interesting.  One is a young kid mentored by a hip hop legend and the other is a group that seems to just love music and would play for nothing just because.  The talent in both shines through!

Nas - Accident Murderers
Baroness - Eula
Baroness - Take My Bones Away
Champagne Champagne - Four Horsemen
The Lumineers - Stubborn Love

Tool - Susquehanna Bank Center January 29, 2012
Avett Brothers - Stage AE May 20, 2012

Obviously this is all an opinion so take it for what it is worth (which isn't much).  But if you can get through all this and are inspire, enraged or dumbfounded by anything I listed or failed to list let us hear about.  Post  your tops for 2012.

And due to my laziness Frank actually beat me to the punch and submitted his list via email.  Enjoy!


Christian Mistress--Possession
Baroness--Yellow and Green
Local H--Hallelujah! I'm a Bum
The Sword--Apocryphon
Pharaoh--Bury the Light
Nachtmystium--Silencing Machine
Dawnbringer--Into the Lair of the Sun God
Gojira--Le Enfant Sauvage
 High on Fire--De Vermis Mysteriis

Honorable Mention (No Order): Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind, Weapon-Embers and Revelations, Pig Destroyer-Book Burner & Graveyard-Lights Out

Best non-2012 records purchased this year: Judas Priest-Stained Class, Tombs-Path of Totality, Black Keys-El Camino, Trap Them-Darker Handcraft & Insomnium-Across the Dark

The Master
Moonrise Kingdom
Cabin in the Woods
Safety not Guaranteed
7 Psychopaths
The Avengers

Honorable Mention (No Order): Killer Joe, Chronicle, Wanderlust, Jeff, Who Lives at Home & Lincoln

Refused, April 23, 2012, Terminal 5, New York
Two Entries--Back to Back days, I count them as one as just the best weekend ever
Iron Maiden, June 29, 2012, Susquehanna Bank Center, PhiladelphiaTenacious D, June 30, 2012, Festival Pier, PhiladelphiaThe Sword--November 13, 2012, Union Transfer, Philadelphia Primus--October 17, 2012, Tower Theatre, PhiladelphiaGuns N' Roses--February 27, 2012, Electric Factory, PhiladelphiaHammers of Misfortune/Gates of Slumber, July 22, 2012, North Star, Philadelphia Primordial, September 11, 2012, Kung Fu Necktie, PhiladelphiaAgalloch, July 27, 2012, Underground Arts, PhiladelphiaSystem of a Down--August 2, 2012--Susquehanna Bank Center, Philadelphia Tool--January 29, 2012--Susquehanna Bank Center, Philadelphia
Honorable Mention (no order): Local H--December 17, 2012, North Star, Philadelphia; Black Keys-May 18, 2012, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland; Danzig-June 7, 2012, Electric Factory, Philadelphia

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