Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slash - Apocalyptic Love


So this album basically was purchased because I have an affinity for Slash.  I want him to succeed almost as badly as I want him and Axl to get over their beef so I can see the real GNR perform once before it's to late.  Going into this album I had pretty meager expectations.  The last album he put together so OK but probably was not too bad because of the various talent that would accompany him on different tracks (perfect example: It is almost a proven fact that any track Dave Grohl decides to drum on you is gonna work). 

Unlike the first album, this one features only one front man, Myles Kennedy.  On the first album I was not as fond of the Myles Kennedy song (Going Back to Cali) and from a career standpoint the last time he was in the 'spotlight' he was taking over for Mark Walberg as the new Steel Dragon front man in the move 'RockStar'.  Needless to say, I was very skeptical.

However, this album was exactly what I should have expected.  It doesn't really register on either end of the spectrum.  It is not terrible, aweful or just bad.  It is not fantanstic, great or even good.  It is OK.  It is fun.  It rides the middle. It doesn't blow you away at any point and there are not any tracks that I feel I have to skip when they come on. 

So if you are looking to be mildly entertained by some signature Slash guitar riffs and boardline cheesy lyrics while killing time during your 9-5 then give it a chance.

Standing in the Sun
You're a Lie
These tracks are alright.  They are a good representation as the slightly better versions of the rest of the songs on the album.

Personal Likes:
No More Heroes
Out of all of the tracks Anastasia and No More Heroes stood out as what I thought to be the better tracks of that album.

**By the way, this analysis was performed after one and only one full listen through so I wouldn't take too much stock in what I think for this album (or for any album for that matter).

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  1. Yeah I'm probably not going to check this out. When you're best endorsement is "mild entertainment"....

    As far as Slash goes, lost a bit of interest after the second Velvet Revolver album sucked so hard. I still don't know what the fuck happened there. And it was disappointing that both he and Axl (though likely primarily Axl) still acted like children and wouldn't play together at the hall of fame this year.