Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GimmeaChance - A plea for the Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons

Taking the same assumption that only a few friends are reading these posts I want to make my case (yet again) for two bands that I know do not fit with your normal genres of music that you prefer.  However, I feel that when an artist is so talented no matter what style of music you prefer you can not help to appreciate them and enjoy their craft.  I know I have pushed this on you guys in the past so I will make another, final attempt at getting you two on board with The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons.

The Avett Brothers
I know the whole folk rock style may be outside of your comfort zone but I like to think of these guys as a rock / blues / punk band who was limited to only using a acoustic instruments, a piano, an upright bass, and a banjo.  So they  made the best of what they had and it turned out to be something unique.  They are talented musicians (if you see them play the constantly are switching instruments throughout their sets) and their songwriting is absolutely brilliant.

Here are some songs that tap into that rock / punk influence:
 - Colorshow - such a good, raw emotional charged, this is who I am so deal with it type of song
 - Talk on Indolence - A stronger song that highlights their unconventional style and songwriting
 - Paranoia in a B Major - One of my favorites
 - I and Love and You - Probably their most recognizable song
  - And a few others:  Distraction #74, Perfect Space, Slight Figure of Speech, Shame , Go to Sleep, I killed Sally's Lover

Mumford & Sons
This one may be a harder sell as they are more folk than the Avett Brothers, however, the song writing is excellent.  Mumford is new so I have a lot less to give you as 'highlights' without giving you the entire album.  If I lost you through the Avett samples then this might be too far in the folk direction....but here are some of the go to songs:
 - Little Lion Man
 - The Cave
 - Roll Away Your Stone

Honestly, I really want you on board cause they are both coming out with new albums this month and you can bet you will get my over excited, musically under educated opinion on both.


  1. I listened to each track here (and I did give a full listen to the Avett Bros record you gave me last summer). I can definitely understand why you like it, and if you twist my arm I might admit that some of it is objectively good, but this style of music just does not speak to me. Which is kind of strange, because I do enjoy some of the folkier passages in other music. I'll put it down to this: Although a lot of the lyrics are introspective and self-effacing, I still generally get a, I don't know, "happier vibe" out of it, and that is an emotion that just doesn't register with me. That being said, I don't have the repulsed/vomitory reaction I do to, say, Dave Mathews Band, so there's that.

  2. Ha, yeah I did not expect this to speak to everyone but there is some real talent there. I mentioned that I was going to talk about both bands' new albums. I still plan on it but I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to express what I feel about the new Avett Bros album.....cause I don't think it is very good....