Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Lumineers....Just Another Folk Rock Band?

I have to be honest.....when I heard of The Lumineers my first thought was something along the lines of:

 Great....Another band that is jumping on the wave of the folk rock trend that has been slowly paved by the Indie Rock scene and thrust into the limelight by groups like Mumford & Sons and Bon Iver. This is just the beginning of the period where every three months there will be the 'new' folk rock band that the general public will immediately be declared amazing and the 'best band of this generation'.  Heaven forbid we actually wait on putting out our irrational, unsupported opinions.

So I was hesitant to say the least.  I had a stack of albums to get through and I said screw it.  The Lumineers can wait their turn.  I had a copy of their album and I moved it to the bottom of the priority list.

However, over time the mass appeal of this album, especially back with some strong endorsements from people that I know to have quality taste, moved it back to the top of my stack......and it knocked me on my ass.

This folk band from Denver, Colorado (which two of the three were originally from New Jersey.....believe it or not) was able to pull off something that, if done correctly, can be extremely successful.  Lyrically their songs are very smart but simple.  Each song verbally paints a picture of either a story, a moment of happiness or a memory of heartbreak.  And it does it so directly but in a succinct manor that it is poetic to be able to use so little words to convey so much narrative and/or emotion.


Ho Hey
Stubborn Love
The single Ho Hey is clearly the radio hit (and was used in a commercial) that I am sure you are already aware of but overall I think stubborn love may be a better song.

Other tracks I really like:
Flowers in your Hair
Slow it down
Big Parade
Morning Song

I can confidently say that this will be one of the best albums I have picked up this year.  It is a complete album that flows very well and there is no lull along the way where you will feel the need to skip a track. Even if folk rock is not your jam definitely give this a chance (and don't be surprised if some of these get stuck in your head for days.....)


  1. I liked submarine so much more after you pointed out that it's about Pearl Harbor - then I slowed down to actually listen to it. I find I initially enjoyed the album because it's my style of music and it sounds great - but after a few times through, lyrically, it really holds up.

  2. I'm in on the Lumineers. Like you, I was hesitant. There was something about them that seemed too cute. Featured on NPR... all hippie/alternative with their cello and mandolin... from Denver. But their songs are rather haunting and stay with you.