Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Avett Brothers - The Carpenter

Not to long ago I put up a post that praised that Avett Brothers and when I was writing post I remember struggling coming up with a way to describe the reason I loved their music.  Sometimes you can not recognize an element or characteristic until it is no longer present. 

In the prior post I spoke of their incredible songwriting talent coupled with their versatility as musicians.  I also spoke of their edge.  The have an attitude and with their talent as musicians and songwriters it creates their unique style.  That is the combination which won me over. 


The Carpenter definitely does highlight some of the talent I mentioned above.  As always they deliver on their songwriting capability however just like most talented things it is the sum of the parts that are need to make them whole or special, if you will.  This album lacked the versatility they have shown in the past.  It is a single melodic tone front to back and, unfortunately, that tone does not include that 'edge' that I spoke of earlier. 
Just to be clear I do not think it is a horrible album by any means.  Not a single track jumps out at me as a must skip it is just that not a single track jumps out at me, period.  I can see fans having a favorable outlook on this album because lyrically they are on their game but it is just not for me....
Title Track:
Favorable Tracks:

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