Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playlist--Feb 11-18

And we assure you, no one, that we will post a new one every Monday from here on:


-Royal Thunder--CVI
-Satan's Wrath--Galloping Blasphemy
-Clutch--Live in Flint
-Woods of Ypres--Woods 5:  Grey Skies & Electric Light
-Gojira--Le Enfaunt Savage
-The Atlas Moth--An Ache for the Distance
-Karma to Burn--Almost Heathen
-Slough Feg--The Animal Spirits

Last set of stuff I bought was heavy on the Decibel and year end list records that I didn't buy during 2012 proper.  Why I waited so long on Royal Thunder, Woods of Ypres and Witchcraft escapes me right now, but all they are all pretty awesome.

Songs and Randomness:

-Green Day--Lazy Bones from Dos
-Black Keys--Dead and Gone from El Camino
-Pearl Jam--Faithfull from Yield
-Gates of Slumber--Stormcrow EP
-Mindless Self Indulgence--Prescription from If

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