Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Playlist of the Week: 2/25

Sorry for the delay (and then the back to back postings) but I was in NYC til early monday morning.  The playlist of the week focuses on one artist and one argument.  Recently my wife and I were debating the top 10 emcees.  In the middle of all this (and after a few drinks) my wife made a comment along the lines of: well if NAS is a potential candidate for the top 10 then Kayne West must be too. 

Needless to say I was stunned by this.  So the first tangible (not, really) thing I did after we realized neither was going to give an inch was to reach out to multiple people to get their opinions.  All I can say is to my surprise the responses were about 50-50. 

So I told my wife I would make her my personnel best of NAS album so she could truly appreciate his work.  Between that creation and the visit to NYC it feels appropriate to dedicate my playlist of the week to NAS:

Song (Album)
No Introduction (Life Is Good)
Make the World Go Round (N.I.G.G.A.)
Hero (N.I.G.G.A.)
Accident Murderers (Life Is Good)
Loco-Motive (Life Is Good)
Halftime (Illmatic)
NY State of Mind (Illmatic)
Testify (N.I.G.G.A.)
Cherry Wine (Life Is Good)
One Love (Illmatic)
Life's a Bitch (Illmatic)
Memory Lane (Illmatic)
The Don (Life Is Good)
Represent (Illmatic)
N.I.*.*.E.R. (N.I.G.G.A.)
Y'all My Ni**as (N.I.G.G.A.)

(Please note that I do not own all of this albums so there may be a few omissions, ie: The Message, Gave you Power, Hate Me Now, and so on)

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  1. my darling husband, this isn't fair...

    we argued because we didn't clearly define the terms of "Top Ten Best Emcees" - I leaned towards Kanye in the 10 spot because he is widely seen as more popular and has had more hits.... but I completely feel that Nas is more skilled.

    So until you tell me what audience, and terms we are to consider for the top 10, we'll continue to disagree.

    *also thank you for the great mix CD