Monday, March 4, 2013

Playlist--week of March 4

I did records last time, so let's go with songs:

1.  Argus--Wolves of Dusk from Boldly Stride the Doomed

-Has to be best Pittsburgh band going right now. This is from their second record, which came out last year.  Epic throughout, but the final sequence (Winter's winds... are HOOOOWLIIIIIIING) still puts me into involuntary headbang mode every time.

2.  Bruce Dickinson--Sabbath Bloody Sabbath from Nativity in Black Volume 1

-Iron Maiden's lead singer covering Sabbath, and just fucking owning it.  Everything from that first Black Sabbath tribute is pretty good, particularly COC's Lord of this World and Ministry/Trent Reznor's (or 1000 Homo DJs' if you want to be a stickler) Supernaut, but Bruce is just too dominant on this one.

3.  Enslaved--To the Coast from Vertebrae

-Ground might be the best song on this record, but there is some transcendent quality to To the Coast that keeps me playing it randomly even when I'm not listening to the whole record.  Top 5 metal band today, period.

4.  Faith No More--Stripsearch from Album of the Year

-Faith No More getting all sexy on your ass. 

5.  Primus--Tragedy's a Comin'  from Green Naugahyde

-So happy that this album was good, thought Les might have been slipping a bit based on his solo output prior to Primus' comeback.  The recent 3D tour was fun, and they are even slipping an Anti-Pop song or two back in the set.  Fingers crossed for Natural Joe next time around.   

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